The new Tauriko Pak'nSave is opening next week, bringing 130 jobs to Tauranga.

The supermarket, with a floor space of 3380sq m, will be officially opened at 8.15am on Tuesday by Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby.

It was bringing 130 new jobs to Tauranga, compared to 10 jobs each at the Warehouse Stationary and Noel Leeming and 45 at the Warehouse.

Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stan Gregec said Tauranga could certainly do with the jobs and it was "all good news".


All new jobs were gratefully received, Mr Crosby said.

"It provides not just jobs but career paths for younger people into the supermarket management process and a future in that industry," he said.

Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby said all new jobs were gratefully received in Tauranga. Photo/file
Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby said all new jobs were gratefully received in Tauranga. Photo/file

It was enabling people in Pyes Pa, Tauriko, Lakes to "live, work and play" in their area.

The city was designed around "nodal development" where residents could get their basic needs to live without having to travel across the city, which was the whole point of Tauranga Crossing, he said.

Priority 1's Annie Hill said young people especially would benefit from the supermarket opening because such jobs were great for youngsters wanting after school or entry level work.

Supermarkets were not crucial for Tauranga's economic growth, rather they tended to support population growth.

"Apart from providing employment opportunities and the confidence they give other developers in terms of the investment they have made, they are not adding significant economic value.

"We are keen to see more knowledge intensive, high paying organisations establish themselves here, particularly those that are working in export markets, which will add real value to the economy," Ms Hill said.


Pak'nSave Tauriko owner-operator Jon Morrison said he had a great team in place.

"A lot of time and effort has gone into choosing people who are passionate about being in the world of groceries.

"I've got some really talented butchers and bakers, and we have a checkout team ready and waiting to ensure our customers leave the supermarket with a smile on their face."