The volcanic alert level for White Island has been lowered back to level one.

An ash eruption last Tuesday led to the volcanic alert level being raised to level three.

A minor ash eruption from a vent on White Island, off the Bay of Plenty Coast, affected GNS cameras.

GNS duty volcanologist Brad Scott said observations over the weekend suggested there had been no further ash emissions from active vents.


"Occasionally images on the web camera indicate very minor amounts of ash may be present in the steam plumes, but this has not been confirmed," Mr Scott said.

He said the inconsistent appearance of ash was likely due to shedding of debris on the fumarole walls and might be expected to continue.

Seismic and acoustic activity still remained low.

"Although Tuesday's eruption has ceased, White Island is always capable of a new eruption at any time, without prior warning.

"GeoNet continues to monitor the volcano for possible renewed activity, Mr Scott said.