Less than two weeks since election signage started popping up, candidates are already reporting vandalism and other damage to their hoardings.

In the Bay of Plenty, Otumoetai-Pyes Pa Ward candidate Jo West said she has had three signs vandalised, one damaged and one stolen.

She had two signs up together at Carmichael Rd, one has been stolen and the remaining sign was damaged and needed reinforcing. Signs at Levers Rd and Fraser St were knocked over and a Bellevue Rd sign received minor graffiti damage and was knocked over.

"I accept that this sort of thing is to be expected, but it's still frustrating, especially when one is stolen. Perhaps I should consider it a compliment that someone is so keen to support me," she said.

Mayoral candidate Kelvin Clout, also standing for an at large seat, said he had noticed a major increase in vandalism this election.

"It is a really sad indictment on our society, such a lack of basic respect and values.


Many signs have been damaged and no location has been exempt," he said.

In Hamilton, mayoral candidate, former cop and body guard to the political elite, James Casson has had two signs stolen from two separate sites and another partially covered in black tape to read 'vote ass'.

"I'm quite frustrated by the vandalism, it costs a lot of money to produce the signs, but more than that, it's the time I need to spend making repairs that I can't afford right now."

A 21-year-old candidate for the Rodney Local Board in north Auckland has been losing her election signs to admirers who have been taking the hoardings as "souvenirs".

One of Tessa Berger's signs was ripped off its backboard, leaving only a small screwed-in strip.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they have taken one down and taken it home as a souvenir," said Berger.

Berger, who offered to sell a limited number of smaller signs on social media last week, is now taking orders for both the small and larger versions, due to popular demand.

Sheldon Nesdale, standing for the Otumoetai-Pyes Pa Ward, said along with most of the other candidates, he had several signs damaged on Saturday on Levers Rd, Ngatai Rd, Lees Park and Carmichael Rd.

Mr Nesdale said he had invited vandalism "of a sort" on his signs, creating hoardings that allow messages to be written with whiteboard pens.

Alan Davidson, standing for an at large seat, said most of his signage has been kicked, punched, broken or graffitied at some point - not once but several times over.

"It's all part of the campaign I guess, as long as the perpetrators are taking note and are able to vote on the day and have our names correct."

Bev Edlin, Otumoetai-Pyes Pa Ward candidate, said her sign in Brookfield had disappeared. She was at Carmichael Rd on Sunday and discovered damage to many of the signs.