Hungry and excited AIMS Games athletes tucked into their breakfast this morning with Olympians Molly Meech, Luuka Jones and Sam Meech and World Hip Hop Champions The Bradas this morning.

About 200 tweens from around the country made the journey to Tauranga Yacht Club at Sulphur Point at 7am, where they listened to the medallists speak over bacon and scrambled eggs.

Silver medallist Luuka Jones spoke of the importance of "fuelling your body for exercise and training", while the crowd ate.

Jones told the athletic tweens to, "just keep trucking on in sport".


"Keep learning and enjoying it.

"In intermediate school I set a goal that I wanted to win a medal. Sixteen years later it's cool to achieve that dream," she said.

Silver medallist Molly Meech said they had been very busy since returning to New Zealand.

She said the opening ceremony last night was "amazing".

"The [AIMS] games are a really cool opportunity."

She told the youngsters to, "find something you love doing and stick with it".

Bronze medallist Sam Meech was asked what his advice to the young athletes would be.

He said he would have liked to have made better goals while growing up, and make the most of every training.

Otumoetai Intermediate students Karepa Heke Kaiawha, 12, and Rylee Gaskill-Magee, 11, attended the breakfast before their week of competing in the AIMS Games.

Both boys were BMX riders and said practising their sprints, gates and having fun was the most important part of their training.

Karepa said he was looking forward to meeting new people during the week.

Rylee, who had just started riding BMX, had gone to the opening ceremony last night, and said, "it was really fun".

It is the first year BMX has been included in the games and there will be 88 students from around New Zealand competing in it.