Tight restrictions have been imposed on candidates vying for a seat on Tauranga City Council, limiting where they can erect their hoardings and the overall content.

Each council is responsible for setting its own hoarding policy and ensuring candidates are obeying the rules in terms of their signage.

Tauranga City Council candidates must not be put up their signs more than six weeks prior to the October 8 polling day.

That means the public could expect election signs would start popping up on Saturday.


Strict rules were set out in the council's Local Elections Policy, which definesd where candidates were allowed to erect signs.

There were also strict rules around the content, shape, colour, and layout of election signs.

The signs could not be displayed in manner which created a traffic hazard and/or an undue risk to public safety, and could not be erected in council-owned spaces without express permission.

The council had produced a series of maps which showed where hoardings can be erected.

The council also intended physically marking the signage boundaries in each permitted area to eliminate any confusion.

Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby said there had always been complaints about election signs, including from candidates taking issue with one another's hoardings, and from the public about how many were erected in the permitted spaces.

"Last election I admit it was quite confusing for the candidates but this time we have made it quite clear what the rules are so there should be no confusion. If people play by the rules there won't be any problems," he said.

Tauranga City Council electoral officer Warwick Lampp said each council looked after its own hoarding policy and compliance.

His key concern was whether the signs were correctly authorised and did not breach the Electoral Act in terms of the content, including the wording.

Enrolment statistics for Tauranga City Council

Estimated eligible population: 95,670

Total enrolled to vote: 91,205

Difference 4,465

* as at August 12

That means 95.3 % of the eligible population

have enrolled to vote by August 12.