There is only one day left for people interested in standing for local body elections to get their nominations in.

Nominations for seats on Tauranga City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and BOP District Health Board are due in tomorrow by 12pm.

Nominations have been slowly trickling in for this year's triennial local elections, which take place on Sunday October 8.

As at the evening of August 10 there were four nominations in for Tauranga city mayor. In 2013 a total of six people ran for the position.


Larry Baldock, Kelvin Clout, Noel James Peterson and Graeme Purches had officially submitted their nominations.

For council at large there were three nominations as at yesterday evening. In 2013 a total of 13 people ran for the four available seats.

For the Mount Maunganui-Papamoa ward three nominations were in for the two available seats. In 2013 five people in total ran.

Four nominations were in for two seats representing the Otumoetai-Bethelehem ward. In 2013 there were six in total.

Two nominations were in for the Te Papa-Welcome Bay ward. In 2013 seven people ran for the two seats available.

Tauranga City Council spokeswoman Aimee Driscoll said council was encouraging people to get involved in the future of Tauranga.

Incorrect and late nominations would not be accepted after midday tomorrow, so leaving it last minute could mean people miss out.

Through-out New Zealand participation in local elections has been slowly declining, Ms Driscoll said.

The percentage of eligible voters in Tauranga that voted in the last city council elections (2013) was approximately 37.77% this was less than the 2010 percentage of 43.64%, and 2007 of 46.36% and 2004 of 44.18%.

The voter turn-out for the whole of the Bay of Plenty region in 2013 was 38%.