Leading national retailers will open their doors at the Tauranga Crossing next month as part of a $50 million dollar first phase development that's projected to create about 350 jobs and generate $114 million in retail sales in its first year.

Upon completion data provided by the company showed Tauranga Crossing which included The Depot would be 67,000sq, more than double the size of Bayfair Shopping Centre.

Pak'n Save, The Warehouse, Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationery were some of 29 stores on the Tauriko site .

Tauranga Crossing Ltd director Mark Taylor said stage one encompassed 17,000sqm with 780 carparks and had been in the pipeline since 2013.


''These big retail centres are always a journey so we have been going on it for three years and still have a number of years ahead of us as 60,000 sqm needs to be built out.''

''We will do that as market conditions allow but with the way the market is going at the moment we will definitely be pushing on with further stages.''

''The western side of town has been growing significantly and Tauranga is one of the fastest growing cities in the country so this is really providing retail to that growth in the western corridor.''

Future plans for Tauranga Crossing include the development of an indoor mall while over the road at The Depot, work would begin soon on Gilmours wholesale grocers ''while depending on the market we will have homeware and lifestyle stores'', Mr Taylor said.

Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby said Tauriko, which included Tauranga Crossing, Tauriko Business Estate and The Lakes, was modelled on the Nodel Development Approach which meant industrial, residential and retail areas were not spread over the city.

''It's very similar to the council's live, work and play philosophy. Tauranga and the Western Bay has a very strong future moving forward, developers see that and it is not uncommon for them to put centres like this in place ahead of time to capture the growing market.

Tauranga Crossing would provide strong employment and reflected confidence in the region, he said.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stan Gregec said the area had the potential to be the new gateway to Tauranga from the north and it was a massive development.

But it could affect some businesses.

"Retail growth on this scale in one area always has the potential to take away from other areas."

"Does Tauranga need it? Only the market can really answer that."

"What we know is that if Tauranga's current explosive population growth continues, developments like Tauranga Crossing will continue to make sense."

Foodstuffs North Island property and development general manager Lindsay Rowles said the new Pak' N Save store was on schedule and would open on September 27 and he estimated 150 to 200 staff would work there.

''It is a significant new shopping centre for the area and will very much act as a hub for the community - we are very excited to be a part of this great new development, which will also provide dining opportunities and other essential retail services that a growing community needs.''

Pak' N Save had spent about $12 million on the fit out and had a variety of
energy saving technologies including LED lighting, transcritical refrigeration and increased use of natural lighting, Mr Rowles said,

The Warehouse Group head of media and PR Tanya Henderson said The Warehouse, Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationery would all open on September 15.

Warehouse Stationery would employ about ten team members, The Warehouse 46 and Noel Lemming 10.

Tauranga Crossing
Corner of SH29 and Takitimu Drive
Will be one of only two regional shopping centres in Bay of Plenty
Stage 1- 17,476sqm and 780 carparks
Stage 2 - 37,000sqm and 1600 carparks
Future growth 44,000sqm and 2500 carparks
Future features could include an indoor mall and cinema multiplex

About Tauranga Crossing
The Tauranga Crossing Centre is 100 per cent New Zealand owned. It is managed by Oyster Property Group Ltd, one of New Zealand's largest property management groups, with in excess of $1b of property under management.