The Arts Market @ The Cargo Shed is shutting up shop in two weeks' time.

Tauranga City Council communications manager Aimee Driscoll said the council was planning to extend stabilisation works of the seawall along Dive Cres, which would create disruption for people in the Cargo Shed.

She said The Arts Market @ the Cargo Shed's annual lease expired on June 30 and the organisation was operating on month-by-month lease until the end of August. From September 17, it could book the space on an hourly rate. Disruptions from stabilisation works would be noted in the new booking system.

"We have been working with representatives of the stallholders for the last three months on the hourly booking system, and have been actively looking for alternate locations with them," Ms Driscoll said.


"We have asked stallholders to set up their stands only when The Arts Market is open. This change will take effect from 17 September 2016."

Historically, the land the Cargo Shed occupied has been in the care of the Crown. Discussions about the future of this site were underway.

A Cargo Shed stall holder, who was named spokesperson by Cargo Shed management but did not want her name used as she was not on the board, said the organisation had been given 30 days' notice.

The Arts Market @ The Cargo Shed would open daily from 10am to 4pm until August 14, then would spend the next two weeks of its notice period packing up, the spokeswoman said.

What happened from there had not yet been decided.

"We just want to move first before making a decision."