The Grenada St link officially opened, with about sixty people eager to be the first people to walk and scooter over the new road.

A blessing was held at the opening ceremony, held yesterday at 8am.

This was followed by speeches from Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby, Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated chairman Kevin Haua and Pacific Coast Village president Graham Wilkinson.

Tauranga City Council Mayor Stuart Crosby said to expect "a lot more road improvements" in the next five years.


Mr Wilkinson said there had been "significant" commercial value forged in the establishment of the link.

The $1 million road link in Papamoa was built ahead of schedule after the Maori Land Court gave its consent in October for Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated to donate a 400-metre strip of land behind Pacific Coast Village for the link.

Mr Haua said it was a special day for the corporation.

"It means housing and education, it will be a well used road."

Paula Loader attended the opening with her children Rachel, 10 and Sophie, 7.

"We'll use this all the time," Ms Loader said.

She thought it would probably make travel easier for them, depending on the traffic.

Mr Wilkinson said the link would free up congestion along Maranui St and provide another route to the Pacific Coast Village.

He said the village had grown rapidly in the last six months, and the road would be beneficial to that growth.

"It allows us to accelerate in many ways."

"This is a great place to live," he said.