Many in Tauranga are no strangers to struggling for accommodation, food and warmth this winter but thanks to a local photographer they will at least face the challenge with warm feet.

With the aim of collecting 1000 pairs of socks, Socks for Puddles was started by photographer Kaysi Fredericks.

For a donation of a pair of socks Ms Fredericks would do a mini photo shoot of people jumping in puddles at Yatton Park.

Ms Fredericks would make a post on her Socks for Puddles Facebook page that she would be heading to Yatton Park at a certain time and anyone was welcome to show up and have a quick photo session.


Photos taken would be posted to the Facebook page for people to tag, share and print themselves.

Since the end of June Ms Fredericks had collected 160 pairs of socks and planned to continue collecting until September.

"We have everything, newborn to adult-sized socks. The warmer the better," she said.

She said her mother brought her up to always help other people and because the winter months were slow in the photography business, Ms Fredericks had time on her hands.

"It's going out, having a bit of fun and helping the community at the same time.

"Everybody loves jumping in puddles and I wanted to do something different to help."

People lost a lot of heat out of their feet so having warm feet could help prevent trips to the doctors, Ms Fredericks said.

"If your feet are warm it makes you feel a bit better."

The mum of five said she taught her kids to wear socks in winter, even if they were not putting their shoes on at the time.

Ms Fredericks was working with community agencies and schools to help distribute the socks to those in need.

To learn more or contact Ms Fredericks visit her Facebook page here: