TEDx Tauranga is back for it's forth year with local and international speakers lined up to educate the audience.

The event would include 13 different speakers, live entertainment, three official TED videos and a special screening of the winning video from the Enspire Youth Video Challenge.

TEDx Tauranga 2016 organiser Charlotte Yates said the event was a platform for idea sharing.

"All the people who come to speak on a Tedx stage are extremely passionate about what it is they do, what they think and getting those ideas out there.


"All of them are either a new idea, or a new take on an old idea. It is all about bringing awareness to people in an easy to digest format."

The speakers talks would be no longer than 15 minutes long with some of the speakers having working on their presentations for months, she said.

All the speakers were phenomenal, she said.

Local author Bryan Winters, and Rotorua doctor Johan Morreau would be speaking at this year's event along side Michael Hershman from Washington DC.

Mr Hershman was one of the co founders of Transparency International, had recently been appointed the chief executive of the International Centre for Sport Security and was involved in the Fifa investigation.

He would to be talking about ethics in sports.

Dr Morreau would be speaking about a child's first few years of life, Mrs Yates said.

"He is going to speak about the first 1000 days of a child's life, how critical those first 1000 days are and what we need to be doing as a nation to support them to have better outcomes."

Mount Maunganui author Bryan Winters would be speaking on the emergence of numbers throughout history, he said.

"Where numbers have come from and how they have impacted the way we think."

"If you look at a 2000 year snap shot, they started in Rome with the Roman numerals. You can't do statistics with them, so percentages started to evolve in 1300AD.

"Today, you can't get through a day, let a long a year or a lifetime with out using them."

This year's event will take place on Saturday August 20, at ASB Arena.