Tauranga Women's Refuge has been granted $1 annual rent for its safe house and office.

Tauranga City Council's elected members voted unanimously this afternoon to give the refuge a peppercorn rental of $1 per annum, guaranteed until August 2018, saving the organisation at least $23,000 a year.

Refuge manager Angela Warren-Clark addressed the councillors at today's council meeting, sharing how she had to find $10,000 a month just to keep the refuge doors open.

The $1 fee covers the two residential buildings the refuge rents - its office and its safe house.


The council said this decision was in line with the reduced rentals offered to other community organisations. It would enable Tauranga Women's Refuge staff to concentrate on delivering core refuge and support services to the community.

It would potentially enable the refuge to fulfil maintenance requirements and enable the refuge to use the opportunity to develop more sustainable funding opportunities.