Meet the de Wilds - four of New Zealand's most hardcore Game of Thrones fans. Not only do they dress like their favourite TV stars, but they are also in the process of building a full-scale replica of Drogon, Daenerys Targaryen's dragon.

Tauranga husband and wife Rozanne and Paul de Wild cosplay the show's twisted twins Jaime and Cersei Lannister and their daughter Kali plays the couple's wretched son, Joffrey.

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Their son, Stephen, plays Lord Petyr Baelish, otherwise known as Game of Thrones' most cunning character, Littlefinger.


After winning the Armageddon Expo Cosplay Cup last year with their own life-size Iron Throne, the de Wilds were left wondering how to top their efforts.

Building their own dragon was the answer.

"People keep asking us - what are you going to do next and how are you going to top the Jaime Lannister suit of armour and Rozanne's Cersei outfit which is fully corsetted? We thought a dragon would do the trick," Paul, a boat builder, said.

The dragon is currently taking shape in the family's lounge. But soon it will be too large for the room.

When Drogon is finished he will stand at 3m tall and 6m long.

So far the base of Drogon's body has been made and his head and neck have been sculpted, with plans to cover the carbon fibre skull in latex to make a face with blinking eyes, a moving jaw and a nose that 'breathes' smoke.

"We tend to go all out with everything we do," Paul said.

"The original intention was to make it as a costume so I could walk around as this dragon. Rozanne also came up with the idea of making it a static piece that possibly people can climb on and get photos with."

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The family hope to have the dragon ready in time to take to the 2017 Armageddon expos.


Cosplaying was a constant source of joy for the family, Rozanne said.

"You get to wear these costumes and people are blown away to see their favourite characters. And if you do it well, you become that person to them.

"You know you're creating a moment for them."

The look of shock on people's faces when "Jaime" and "Cersei" started kissing was priceless, she said.

"We thought 'we can have some fun with this'. We are husband and wife, so for us to turn and kiss each other, not a problem, but as soon as we do it dressed as Jaime and Cersei - the look on [people's] faces is such a classic moment.

"We ham it up as much as we can."