- National MP for Bay of Plenty Todd Muller, said to live like a first world economy the country needs to earn like a first world economy. "This Budget delivers on this vision. Our economy is growing close to 3 per cent, one of the best in the world.

"We have created 200,000 extra jobs over the last three years, with a further 170,000 new jobs by 2020 with unemployment dropping to 4.6 per cent.

"We have increasing surpluses into the future that allows us to repay debt and spend well in areas that matter for us here in the Bay. $2.2 billion for our health sector over the next four years including more money for elective surgery and a rollout of national bowel screening programme that will cover 700,000 Kiwis saving hundreds of lives a year. I'm confident the Bay will receive some of $833m for new schools and buildings to support our growing population.

"A huge $761.4 million [will be] invested over the next four years in science, skills, tertiary education and regional development initiatives to further fire up our Bay businesses."


- NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell said like so many Kiwis he waited with "bated anticipation" to see what the Government was going to announce for this year's Budget.

Mr Mitchell said the big question was always going to be how the Government was going to fix the "housing crisis" and what was announced did little if anything to fix this growing problem.

"Throwing $200 million over four years to build 750 new homes is ridiculous.

"Particularly because the current rate of house building can't keep up with demand because this Government won't address the elephant in the room which is our record immigration numbers and foreign property speculators buying and taking our precious housing stocks."

Mr Mitchell said to see only $115 million going towards provincial roading projects in areas such as Gisborne, Marlborough and Taranaki was "a joke".

- Tauranga MP Simon Bridges

"Local families will benefit from the Government's significant investment in health and education under Budget 2016.

"Budget 2016 is a strong package of significant investments that will deliver real benefits to Tauranga families. Our focus remains on achieving better results for Kiwis from almost $80 billion in existing spending, and ensuring that $1.6 billion of new spending is directed where it will make a real difference.

"This includes $2.2 billion in new health spending and the annual education spend set to exceed $11 billion for the first time ever. The Government will also invest an additional $882.5 million in school property which means new schools, new classrooms and school expansions.

"There's also more support for businesses to create jobs on the back of a growing economy. Our eighth Budget forecasts rising surpluses and falling debt, with the economy expected to grow at around 3 per cent over the next four years. This Budget embraces those new opportunities by investing in New Zealand's future."