Tauranga City Council will provide 2016 local government candidates, and the general public, with guidance about where and how long elections signs will be permitted during this year's elections through its newly adopted Local Elections Policy.

The Local Elections Policy, aimed to create consistency and clarity about the rules for the display of election signs is available online: www.tauranga.govt.nz/documents-reports/bylaws-policies.

The amendments to the new policy include:

Extending the period of the display of election signs from four weeks on public land to six to make the timeframe consistent with the City Plan:

Providing a map of sites around Tauranga City where it is permitted that one election sign per candidate per designated area (yellow line on map) can be displayed;


Deleting the exclusion of election signs on vehicles in the definition of sign to ensure consistency of definitions between the policy and the Street Use and Public Places Bylaw; and

Council Controlled Organisation assets are not to be used by any party and/or candidate to gain any electoral advantage.