One of Tauranga's largest employers have taken on the international Running Man Challenge craze, using their office and some of the city's iconic landmarks in doing so.

Trustpower staff have loaded a video online of their Running Man efforts, beginning with a slow interlude of staff going about their duties inside their new Durham St office.

But as the beat kicks in, staff get up from their chairs and coffee machine to get their boogie on.

The scene moves from the office to the Tauranga waterfront, Hairy Maclary sculptures and the newly installed dance-o-mat.


Trustpower's community relations manager Graeme Purches said the company's take on the challenge was a popular idea initally brought up by some of the marketing team.

''It just spread like fury and so we said 'right, 2pm, let's get down there and do it','' Mr Purches said.

''They all rocked up and we put it together.''

The climax of the video is held on the dance-o-mat, where an entertaining Running Man solo takes place.

Mr Purches said since the dancefloor was installed on Friday there have been 35 coins used to operate it since 6pm that day to 8am Monday.

''That's 17 and a half hours of dancing taking place,'' he said.

Mr Purches said he was overwhelmed with the positive response to the dance-o-mat and hoped people who enjoy the Running Man video also.