The Indulge Speaker Collective was an evening of inspiration and insight - and plenty of wine.

Held at Baycourt last night the third event of its kind featured talks from Max Mason, who completed the 3500km Appalachian Trail, parenting expert Jenny Hale and internationally renowned shoe designer Kathryn Wilson.

Event manager Dayna Comeskey said the turnout was great and the speakers were outstanding.

"I always look for speakers that offer a variety of topics and that shows in the crowd we have attracted tonight.


"It's great to be able to bring such great speakers to the Bay and make it affordable for everyone," Ms Comeskey said.

Mr Mason, who is considering running for the Tauranga mayoralty, spoke about the grueling but rewarding journey of hiking the Appalachian Trail, a 3500km track through 14 American states.

"Because of my major realization [after walking the trail] that we are far more capable than we dare think I want to share that with people. If I can motivate someone to go further than they think they can to achieve something or to take a leap of faith then I would feel I had succeeded," Mr Mason said.

Ms Wilson spoke about her journey of becoming a premier shoe designer and hoped people went away thinking about passion and drive in their lives.

"It doesn't have to be your job, but just that you have something in your life that makes you get up and get excited about."

Ms Hale spoke about parenting, trying to instill hope, inspiration and humour in parents.
"I'm speaking about what rings true, what encourages people."

Kerrin Andrews, who attended the event said it was the second time she attended a speaker collective event.

"I'm always so amazed at what I take away from the speakers that I least expected to get something out of."

Another indulge Speaker Collective event will be held in October.