A Tauranga man who was prepared to sit in a tree until he was "dragged out" has won a personal victory this morning.

Craig Jones, 54, of Sutherland Rd, planned to sit in one of the trees on a neighbouring Housing NZ property that overhung onto his driveway.

An arborist arrived at 7.40am but left shortly before 8am.

"They hang over my driveway and they are like an entrance way," Mr Jones said.

"They are absolutely beautiful."


Mr Jones said he thought they were silk trees.

He was told they were going to be cut down because they obstructed the houses which he believed was untrue since they hung over his driveway.

"I honestly don't know why they have to cut them down. It just happens too often."

"Don't buy properties with established trees on them if you're going to cut them down," he said.

A spokesperson for Housing New Zealand said would be looking into the matter.

"Our understanding is that it did post a safety risk and we are looking into it now and will be following it up," she said.

Mr Jones bought his place in 1987.