Two hunters lost in bush have been the subject of a rescue response from from Tauranga's emergency services.

The Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter was dispatched to the Motu river (East Cape) at 3:30pm yesterday by the Rescue Co-ordination Centre following the activation of a personal locator transmitter.

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GPS co-ordinates from satellites and the onboard direction finding gear helped to locate the two lost hunters in rugged terrain and dense vegetation.


The two 32-year-olds had been dropped off by jet boat to go for a three hour hunt the day before.

The hunters got lost resulting in a night out in the bush and after trying to find their way the next day while battling hunger, disorientation and swollen rivers, things got the better of them and so they activated a personal locator transmitter.

Apart from being tired and hungry they had no injuries and were dropped off in Opotiki to pick up their vehicle.