The exact cause of a blaze which resulted in extensive damage to a Pyes Pa home is yet to be determined.

Greerton Fire station officer Nigel Liddicoat said three crews from Greerton, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui stations attended the Grantston Drive fire, after a neighbour called emergency services shortly after 2.15pm today.

Mr Liddicoat said when fire crews arrived they found the unoccupied house was heavily smoke logged, and the fire was "reasonably well involved" .

Particularly in the rear bedroom and verandah area, he said.


Mr Liddicoat said a search and rescue exercise immediately began to ensure there was no inside the burning house.

The fire was extinguished quite quickly, however there was significant damage, particularly in the roof area and the bedroom, as well as major smoke damage, he said.

Mr Liddicoat said the exact cause of the fire was yet to be determined, but whether it was due to an electrical fault would be one line of inquiry.

Tauranga's fire safety officer, who visited the property today, would return tomorrow to continue his investigation.

The insurance assessors would also begin assessing the damage, he said.