They're risking a $1000 fine but owners of Mount Maunganui businesses trading on Easter Sunday think it is worth it.

The Bay of Plenty Times Weekend conducted an unofficial random survey of a dozen businesses in Mount Maunganui who all said they would be open - especially with two cruise ships due on Easter Sunday.

Last year, the Government proposed a law change to allow councils the right to decide whether stores in their area could trade on Easter Sunday, which was now being discussed by Parliament's commerce committee.

Some retailers said there should be no trading restrictions.


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One Mount retailer, who did not want to be named said she did not know of any businesses in the downtown area which would be closed.

"The place will be packed with people, including cruise ship passengers and downtown Mount Maunganui will definitely be open for business," the retailer said.

Mount Mainstreet Association chairwoman Jane Debenham said she was aware a number of retailers would be trading on Easter Sunday.

"But the association is not promoting flouting the rules.

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"It's very much up to each retailer and business owner to decide for themselves," she added.

Ms Debenham said Mount Maunganui was a beach resort which attracted a huge number of visitors over Easter weekend. Cruise ship passengers would expect to be able to browse around the shops.

She was not aware of anyone being fined for flouting the ban.

Ms Debenham said it was not a good look if most of the shops were closed and she believed it was time for the government or councils to revisit the ban on Easter Trading.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment labour inspectorate northern manager David Milne said the ministry helped retailers in obeying with the law by providing information and advice through its website and contact centre.

Its enforcement approach included responding to complaints and follow-up action, which included seeking penalties, he said

The ministry would be responding to all complaints received over the Easter period, he said.

Retail NZ's general manager of public affairs Greg Harford earlier this month put a submission to the Government to amend the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill which would allow councils to pass bylaws to allow trading on Easter Sunday and give shops the green light to open right across New Zealand.

Tourism Bay of Plenty head of marketing and communications Kristin Dunne said this week that the organisation often received complaints from passengers when shops were shut, although this was the first time cruise ships would be arriving on Easter Sunday.

Closed shops definitely impacted on visitors' experiences, she said.