A petrol price roundup has found Tauranga motorists can save up to 15 cents per litre by shopping around, although prices at all stations are well below the national average.

The unofficial Bay of Plenty Times survey of 12 petrol stations in Tauranga, Papamoa and Mount Maunganui yesterday found petrol prices varied from $1.599 to $1.749 for 91-octane, while the national average was $1.87 as of Monday.

Waitomo Hewletts Rd offered the cheapest fuel surveyed at $1.599 per litre.

Mobile Chapel St, Gull Hewletts Rd and Caltex Welcome Bay were the second cheapest, with gas costing $1.639 per litre.


Z on Domain Rd and 11th Avenue, Pakn'Save Papamoa and BP Gate Pa were the most expensive at $1.749 a litre.

When compared with petrol prices from a survey done by the Bay of Plenty Times on January 16, most station's fuel prices had gone up between three to 12 cents.

However, out of those surveyed, Waitomo Hewletts Rd and Caltex Welcome Bay went against this trend, with their prices decreasing since January.

The national fuel price went up by 6c in the last week according to AA, a rise that "wouldn't make motorists too happy," AA petrol prices spokesman Mark Stockdale said.
In July last year, 91-octane petrol peaked at $2.12 a litre.

Mr Stockdale was unsure if it would reach that level again but said price increases were likely in the next few months.

"Going on the trend for the past couple of years, the pricesstarted to go up about this time as commodity prices went up, and then continued to increase until winter time when they began to drop away again."

Z Energy corporate communications manager Jonathan Hill said though Z prices were the highest in Tauranga, they were still competitive on a national level.

He said there was a huge spread of fuel prices across the country and Tauranga was experiencing discounting.

"It's impossible to say where prices will go, but it's certainly lower than the $100 a barrel that we saw not that long ago."

Gull general manager David Bodger said Gull stations always tried to provide competitive prices.

"We're the small guy. We're family owned and if we have lowprices people will shop with us."

He thought it was brave to predict fuel prices as they continually go up and down.

Waimapu Garage in Oropi owner Wayne Fowry, whose fuel prices were middle range at the time of the survey, said, in his opinion, if it was not for Gull New Zealanders would pay a lot more for fuel.

He said the company helped drive prices down.