The Regional Council are reviewing their Navigation Safety Bylaw and how the boating rules in the Bay of Plenty are shaped.

They are asking for those interested in navigation safety to give their views.

Feedback can be submitted before March 31, with safety issues surrounding lakes, rivers and harbours.

Meetings have already been held to discuss life jacket rules, the possibility of registering jet skis, and reviewing speed upliftings on some major rivers across the Bay of Plenty.


"The Navigation Safety Bylaw seeks to reduce the conflicts between different activities on the water.

"While we are only at early engagement stage of the process, we are keen to get as much feedback as possible at the beginning to help us build a picture of navigation safety issues in this region", said Shawn Baker, Senior Planner at the Regional Council.

"These meetings have proved a great way to be able to listen to the issues that are important to the community and also test the waters and get genuine public feedback on some of the changes being considered", he said.

People have until March 31st to their say online at , they can email or call Shawn Baker directly on 0800 884 880.