A fundraiser could not come any cuter than the swashbuckling pirates and colourful fairies walking around The Lakes yesterday.

Tauranga Parents Centre held its annual fundraiser, encouraging parents to bring children in pirate and fairy costumes for a walk around the suburb and a play.

Six-year-old pirates Taylor Hindman and Niamh Byrne had a blast pretending to escape traps as they travelled around the suburb.

The girls were dressed in costumes handmade by Niamh's father, including bandannas, eye-patches, ripped clothing and a treasure map.


Parents Centre president Karyn Grindlay said the day had been awesome, especially as the weather had played ball.

"Everyone looked like they were having lots of fun in the sun and with their families."

This was the third year the centre had run the event.

"It's slowly growing, which is really good. It's really good to have the support of The Lakes as well, we get to see how well the development is going. Every time we come it's different."

Prizes were presented after the event and the children got to have their faces painted, check out the animals brought by Pets 4 Parties including a blue tongue skink, play with the bubble machine and eat free sausages.