Less than $600 needs to be raised on Givealittle website to give Tauranga Tourette syndrome sufferer Adam Belcher the $3300 he needs to purchase more of a 'miracle' medicine.

The 29-year-old Tauranga man became the first New Zealander with Tourettes to be allowed to use the medicinal cannabis spray Sativex, but after paying for two prescriptions out of his own pocket and a third thanks to an anonymous donor, he faced the dreaded prospect of losing the treatment approved for him by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

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He needed to raise $3300 to buy a six-month subscription course of the non-funded medicine and so far 77 donors have contributed $2720 on Givealittle.


Savitex has given him a life free of pain and physically and socially crippling tics.

Tourette Syndrome sufferer distraught over inability to continue paying for life-changing Sativex prescription.