Trustpower's relocation to Tauranga's CBD is a big part of the central city's regeneration and an exciting part of the city's future, said Energy Minister Simon Bridges at last night's formal opening.

"It's a really important day for Trustpower and for Tauranga," said Mr Bridges, who is also MP for Tauranga.

The opening was attended by a number of leading local businessmen and politicians, including Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby, Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Ross Paterson and regional council chairman Doug Leeder.

Rapid expansion has seen Trustpower outgrow its former head office facility, on the outskirts of Tauranga.


Some 525 staff have now completed the moved to the new facility in Durham Street.

Trustpower expects peak staff numbers on site at any one time to be around 450, a significant boost to Tauranga's downtown activity.

"We are proud to have a nationally significant company based here, and not in Wellington or Auckland or Christchurch," said Mr Bridges. "We're proud of your story and the way you're expanding. It's a really big deal for the CBD."

Trustpower chief executive Vince Hawksworth said that when the move was first considered, the company was "asked and in some ways badgered" by Priority One and the council to think about moving back into the CBD.

However, Mr Hawksworth said the move symbolised Trustpower's desire to help create a vibrant city centre.

A second key point was that Trustpower was a nationally, and now internationally, significant business which had grown enormously and supported a lot of people.

"We intend to continue to grow and make our contribution to this community."

No one, including Mr Hawksworth, has his own office in the radical new building. The three-storey building has 6900sqm of office space, built around a 340sqm atrium, with interlinking stairs and bridges to enable connectivity.

Trustpower calls its work approach "Synergy New Ways of Working."

Although there are no individual offices or cubicles, each staff member will have a locker, and the building includes informal collaboration areas, as well as focus areas.

Mr Hawksworth said the move symbolised the need for Trustpower to have the right place for its people.

"Our people will do a better job for our customers if they're in an environment that is stimulating and rewarding.

"The modern world is not about sitting at your desk, it's about collaboration, innovation and finding better ways. It's about the way we work together as people."

Trustpower's new headquarters:

* Developer - Durhamside (joint venture between Zariba Holdings and Classic Builders)

* Construction - CBC

* Base Build Architects - Wingate Farquhar

* Services Consultants - BECA

* Structural Engineers - E3

* Interior Architects - Warren and Mahoney

* Veldhoen and Company - Activity Based Working Partner Consultants

* Marshall Day - Acoustics Engineers