A mobile artificial ice skating rink could be coming to your school.

Ice Skate Tour recently moved to Tauranga from Auckland and is searching for schools and clubs in the Bay to host the artificial ice skating rink.

Hosting the rink for three to five days would be free for the school, though an entry fee for skaters would be charged and 20 per cent of which would go back to the school as a fundraiser.

"It's a unique project that gives kids and families in communities the chance to have a unique ice skating experience," said Robin de Goeij.


"We also provide lessons for the kids during school hours.

"Last year we visited more than twenty schools in the Auckland region," she said.

The rink visited Fraser Cove in early January.

The ice in the rink is not real, though has a 97 per cent same gliding capacity as real ice, and is easier for beginner skaters as it is not as slippery as fast as real ice.

The rink is surrounded by an inflatable border.

Interested schools can email organisers at robin@iceskatetour.co.nz