New art courses will find the artist in everyone and allow Tauranga residents to connect creatively.

The Incubator will see vision become reality next month when an art education programme called the Artery gets under way, offering a range of classes for people to get creative and connect with others.

"There's just such a hunger for art and cultural activities in the city, it's a hunger for things that people can participate in, not just watch and attend," said Incubator director Simone Anderson.

She said the classes would allow people to connect with other creative people, while also being an opportunity to upskill or learn a different art form.


"These days it's all about internet and television, so we're hoping through art we can create a lot of connections within the community. People can get to know others and try their hand at something they never thought they were capable of."

A "wide spectrum" of skills and art forms would be taught, from beginner's drawing and life drawing to beginner's watercolour and advanced oil painting.

There would be an exhibition after every series of classes where the artists could exhibit a piece of their work.

"People might go from not thinking they can draw to having an exhibit in a show by the end of their classes," Ms Anderson said.

To get things started the Incubator received sponsorship from Tauranga City Council to offer six months' worth of "teaser" classes for free.

Regular classes would come with a fee, between $170 to $250 depending on the materials required.

They vary from evening classes, a six-week series or intensive weekend workshops.

Classes would be taught by local and emerging artists.

Classes and workshops will be held in the Historic Village, in the old blacksmith's building that has been converted into a new space purpose-fit for an arts learning centre, with a big workshop and a ceramic and print-making room.

The Incubator:

* Launched in 2013, the Incubator involves a community of creative people working to enrich and refresh the arts culture in the Bay of Plenty.