We have had mud throwing, a crying Prime Minister, a Prime Minister assaulted and now a sex toy flung in the face of an MP.

Our national day can be a bit of a disgrace.

I have nothing against protesters, in fact, I admire them. To the hundreds who peacefully marched in Auckland on Wednesday speaking out against the signing of the TPP, good on you for taking action against something you believe is wrong.

Likewise, I admire those who travel to Waitangi each year to let the politicians know with dignity they are still unhappy with New Zealand's partnership with the Crown.


But to throw a dildo in the face of Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce while he was in Waitangi ... really?

The woman behind the stunt has been identified as Josie Butler from Christchurch. She blurted the words "that's for raping our sovereignty", as she threw the pink dildo at Mr Joyce's nose.

Her actions have done little for the cause and I'm sure many Maori are highly embarrassed by what happened.

She has made New Zealand the laughing stock of the world because the incident has made international news. Butler was reportedly gloating on her Facebook page this weekend she had been released from police custody and no charges had been laid.

I certainly hope she's wrong. If she's not criminally charged then some serious questions need to be asked of the police.

Butler would have did what she did knowing full well she would face criminal prosecution. She would have expected to be arrested and hauled before the court. That's all part of the attention seeking.

To be let free without a prosecution sends completely the wrong message to these types of protesters.

Meanwhile, happy Waitangi weekend everyone.

I hope you spent the time remembering what's great about New Zealand.