I've never been part of a protest.

They're not really my style.

I'd be more likely to write a letter or make a submission on an issue I felt strongly about, but I've never gotten around to doing that either.

I applaud the people who go to the effort and take the time to stage peaceful protests about the issues they are passionate about.


It's part of being a democratic society. We have the right to make our voices heard and protests are certainly one way to do that.

My problem with protests is that they are often not what I'd call peaceful. More often than not tempers get a little high and someone gets riled up and does something silly.

Obviously the police feel the same way if they have had to have officers in riot training ahead of yesterday's signing of the TPP.

It appears their concerns were on target.

I have no problem with protesters turning up outside SkyCity, where the deal was signed, as a show of solidarity and to make sure each of the world leaders signing the agreement are aware of their concerns. But, yesterday's TPP protests took things a little too far in my opinion.

Protesters, led by former Green MP Sue Bradford, blocked the city on-ramp to the Auckland Harbour Bridge causing traffic chaos throughout the city.

Other protesters blocked other on-ramps and central city streets.

I don't see the point in that. All it does is annoy Aucklanders who are trying to go about their day.

As far as I can see, it is not going to get more people behind the protest. All it will do is turn the city's residents against them.

Sure it will make headlines and get the opinions of the protesters heard but I can't see that is helping their cause.

Making a nuisance of themselves certainly does not encourage me to support them.

Aside from the inconvenience it is just dangerous.

I don't blame police for using force to get them off the roads.

Protesters will never get my support with actions like we saw yesterday.