Tauranga protesters have arrived in Auckland ready to march against the signing of the TPP.

Mel Caldwell, co-organiser of Tauranga's TPP protests, said a convoy of four cars containing 20 people had travelled to Auckland to be a part of today's protests against the signing of the TPP.

Watch live video stream of the TPP signing ceremony:

Ms Caldwell said the convoy had to park at Mount Eden to make their way through to Queen St as roads leading to Sky City, where the agreement is being signed by representatives of the 12 countries in the agreement, had been blocked.

Ms Caldwell said there was a heavy police presence.


The convoy's cars were all painted, and the protesters were carrying banners. Ms Caldwell said the convoy was buoyed by the support they had received on their way to Auckland and as they were making their way down Queen St.

Trade Minister Todd McClay has signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership on behalf of New Zealand, at a ceremony in Auckland.

"Today 12 Asia-Pacific countries have come together to set a new standard for trade and investment in the region.

"TPP was signed by Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam.

"In addition to hosting signature, New Zealand will be the Depositary for TPP. This means we take responsibility for some administrative functions."

Following signature, the Government will submit the final text of TPP and the National Interest Analysis to Parliament. The legislative changes to implement TPP will then go through normal policy and Parliamentary procedures.

"Signature marks the end of the negotiating process. The text of TPP is agreed, but not yet legally binding."

TPP is expected to come into force within two years of signature, once countries have completed their domestic legislative procedures.

"The Government will be running nation-wide roadshows for the public and business, to ensure New Zealand is ready to take advantage of new opportunities from the first day TPP enters into force."