Parents of bored children might already be feeling the excitement that it's just a few more sleeps before the kids go back to school.

While you get whiny children out of your hair, back come other "duties" that go with being a parent of school kids that some might see as a little tedious. Think making lunches (and emptying lunch boxes at the end of the day) and ensuring all homework tasks are carried out.

Reading, obviously, is a biggie.

All schools I'm sure hammer home the necessities of reading every night.


Admittedly I'm not a reader. I'll read when I have to find out important information (and obviously in this job reading is pretty crucial). But sitting down on the couch with a fictional book isn't something I've ever done. Who has the time to do that?

When my girl started school last year, I went along to the school's Kickstart to School programme with all the other parents of soon-to-be 5-year-olds.

The principal introduced himself before the mandatory go around the room explaining who we are to him.

Then he launched into something very strange.

He picked up a children's book and proceeded to read to us.

There we were sitting our bottoms on those hard little school chairs with our knees up under our chins watching and listening as the teacher read us a story. And guess what? I enjoyed it.

While I haven't become a bookworm since, it did make me realise the importance and joy books can bring - especially to children (and mums).

So when you get home from work next week after a long, hard day and grind your teeth at the thought of having to spend precious time reading to your kids, take a look at their faces as you go through the book.


It might just make you realise how important that "job" is.