In 2014, Tauranga City Council was approached by a number of developers to establish special housing areas in the Papamoa East area.

These special housing areas were approved by the Minister of Housing and included developments by Hawridge Developments Ltd in Palm Springs and Bluehaven Holdings Limited in Golden Sands.

Hawridge Developments and Bluehaven Holdings are now requesting that new special housing areas be considered on the outskirts of the approved special housing areas in the Wairakei urban growth area.

The Golden Sands proposal also includes a request to increase the building height limit from 9.5m to 17.5m over a small area of an existing special housing areas.


These proposed developments are expected to provide approximately 350 additional new dwellings, which would be serviced by both existing and new infrastructure.

This includes the extension of Te Okuroa Drive which is scheduled to be completed on time, in 2018, and which will provide an alternative to Papamoa Beach Road by the time the new dwellings are occupied.

Public open day: February 11

Tauranga City Council will hold a drop-in session on February 11 to provide further information and answer questions. Council encourages all interested parties to drop in to speak with Council staff, developer representatives and elected members about the special housing area proposals.

Where: Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre, 80 Alice Way, Gordon Spratt Reserve

Details of the developers' proposals can be found here , along with TCC's Technical Infrastructure Capacity Assessment and information about how you can give your feedback.

The proposals for Palm Springs and Golden Sands will be considered separately.

Responses must be received by 5pm Monday 22 February 2016.