A living mural has been updated to include the damage from the blaze which ravaged Mauao this week.

The detailed and vibrant mural of Mount Maunganui that has recently shown up on one of Tauranga's busiest intersections is the work of 25-year-old Benjamin Lloyd.

Done in airbrush and spray can the mural is an aerial view of Mount Maunganui and Mauao, located on the wall of McDonald's on the corner of Cameron Rd and 11th Ave.

Yesterday, Mr Lloyd added to the mural, painting Mauao burning and a helicopter dousing the flames with a monsoon bucket full of water.


"The Mount is an icon so when it burns it cuts everyone really deep, it affects everyone in this town."

However, Mr Lloyd said he would erase the additions last night and would keep the mural changing and evolving, slowly painting the green vegetation back where the fire burned it off.

Mr Lloyd said he planned to return regularly to the mural, drawing in new aspects to reflect the Mount changing over time.

"High-rises will be popping up, cruise ships coming in and out, clouds will be changing," he said.

The local artist said he was working towards turning Tauranga into a town filled with murals.

"My life goal is I want to cover this town. Any big surfaces I can cover in good art, I will," Mr Lloyd said.

"I feel so privileged to do it in such a high-profile spot."

Mr Lloyd said since McDonald's asked him to do it he had chipped away at the mural in his spare time, doing much of the work at night to avoid distractions.

"I did little bits every other day to give people driving past something new to look at every day."