Noise control complaints have dropped in Tauranga over the past three years despite an uproar over the Bay Dreams Festival held earlier this month.

More than 40 complaints were made by residents about the concert at the ASB Baypark Stadium which attracted thousands of people despite poor weather.

Complaints were made from people living as far away as Welcome Bay and it had been investigated to make sure resource consent conditions were followed.

However, new figures from Tauranga City Council show over the past three years complaints had decreased by 507 from 5789 in 2013 to 5282 in 2015.


Environmental monitoring manager Andrew McMath said amplified music was the most common complaint it received in 2015.

The council contracted First Security which had seven warranted officers that seized 55 pieces of equipment last year compared to 61 in 2014.

It held equipment for six months and it was sent to auction if it was not picked up by the owner who was required to pay a $190 release fee.

The money generated from the sale of equipment was retained by the council to cover operational costs.

Welcome Bay resident Bruce Graham was not impressed with the racket the Bay Dreams Festival had created.

"It was above the whine of my electric saw with grade 4 earmuffs on."

Community Patrols of New Zealand Bay of Plenty district representative Shirley Vincent said it noted any parties that may be happening.

"We let the police know in case something is brewing so they are aware."

Matua Residents Association president Richard Kluit was not aware of any problems in the suburb.

"The only instance is when we had a problem with the fire alarm at Matua Primary School. It had a technical fault that would upset the neighbours because it went on and on.

"But that is not the issue of one neighbour upsetting the other with loud music."

A police spokeswoman said each council had its own noise control policy and "they determine at what point and to what extent they seek police assistance".

It would depend on the circumstances whether it fell under council or if it was an out of control party that required police intervention, she said.

In the past three years the council has received five complaints in relation to noise control matters. The complaints were about contractor behaviour, response to the noise event and how callers were not getting through to the contractor.

Noise complaints:

* 2013: 5789 complaints

* 2014: 5221 complaints

* 2015: 5282 complaints

- Source: Tauranga City Council