Olivia Cleverley (pictured above, left, with Mel Osborn) made the most of being back home from university by attending yesterday's Twenty20 match.

Miss Cleverley, 20, has been a big fan of the Black Caps for years.

"I played cricket through school. Dad got us into cricket, I sit down and watch it whenever it's on."

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Miss Cleverley was supporting the local boys and was captured by cameras waving a sign around saying "Yes you cAnderson" in honour of local boy Corey Anderson.

"I'm a big fan of the whole team. Corey Anderson is one of my favourites."

She was disappointed after Anderson got out after just two runs.

Miss Cleverley said she did not often get to watch the Black Caps in the flesh. She managed to watch some matches while studying at Otago and was lucky to be able to catch yesterday's match while back in Papamoa on break.

She enjoyed Twenty20 matches as they were faster paced.