Bay of Plenty Police are pleased with a relatively uneventful night on New Year's Eve.

By 1am this morning, there had been 22 arrests in the Western Bay of Plenty compared with six in Rotorua, seven in Taupo and one in the Eastern Bay. The majority of the arrests were for alcohol-related disorder.

Prevention Inspector Steve Bullock said the Bay of Plenty district had once again demonstrated its maturity in terms of providing a safe and responsible environment to see in the New Year.

"Apart from pockets of alcohol-fuelled incidents the night went well with communities and holiday-makers enjoying themselves and staying safe.


"Notwithstanding the combined efforts of local councils and emergency services, the friends and families were genuinely looking after each other and remaining positive throughout.

"A true friend is not the one who gets you out of the gutter, but the one who stops you getting into it.

"Alcohol remains a significant contributor to crime and reaches its pinnacle this time of the year as our communities enjoy the summer. If you choose to drink then please do so responsibly, most importantly be aware of your environment at all times.

"Know when to say when."