Amy Campbell aims to open Tauranga's most child-friendly cafe early next year where children are welcomed and supervised while mums can relax over a coffee, pilates class or beauty treatment.

The PlayCafe, based at Ms Campbell's existing business, Craft Collective, will include a cafe and separate supervised play areas for under 2s and over 2s.

A weekly timetable of activities - including children's yoga, music and story time and pilates and beauty treatments for mums - will be advertised each week.

There will be a rotating roster of visiting services. "It's kind of taken on a life of its own," Ms Campbell said.


A busy mum of two girls, Ms Campbell hopes PlayCafe will become a community asset and is encouraging women to show their support by making a donation through the PlayCafe Pledge Me webpage.

"We just need that last bit of help over the finish line," she said.

Tauranga had a reputation for being a difficult place to meet new people and Ms Campbell wanted to create an environment where mums could connect.

"We've got a lot of new families moving here that don't know anyone and there tends to be a common misconception that Tauranga is cliquey and hard to make friends," she said.

Director of the nearby Pregnancy Choice centre Janice Tetley-Jones said she would be sending new mums towards the PlayCafe. "It's an absolutely wonderful idea. I'm excited, it sounds great. I think it's vital for the community and mothers to feel that support and that care.

"If someone can feel that they've got someone to talk to or chat to or share a coffee with, it can actually make the difference to someone coping or not coping," she added.

Ms Campbell got the idea for the cafe from American store Evereve, a clothing store aimed at mothers.

The store has wide isles for pushing prams, places to rest or breastfeed and it offers snacks for the children.


The layout and construction of the PlayCafe is being finalised, with the concept set to launch on February 1.

Ms Campbell said other cafes that had play areas in them were often small or insecure. - There will be a cost to visit the PlayCafe - $8 for the first child and $4 for each additional child. Children aged under 12 months are free.