The Tauranga TPPA Action Network is staging a protest against the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tracy Livingston, spokesperson for Tauranga TPPA Action Network, said the TPP would have the most far reaching effects on New Zealand's future of almost any agreement yet signed or piece of legislation yet passed into law.

"And yet, there will be no public consultation, no submissions, no debate in parliament, and no referendum.

"No New Zealand public interest groups or labour representatives have been consulted in this process, and yet 600 representatives of massive multi-national corporations, many of which have higher profits than our entire GDP, have not just seen the text, they have been writing it," she said.

"The only thing our government is prepared to discuss are benefits to dairy and agriculture - but academics, economists and analysts world-wide believe it is the other provisions within the agreement that will have the most effect on everything from the economy to the environment."


The protest will be held at Red Square from 11am on Saturday.