Will Johnston's 9am-3pm radio show on The Hits has more than doubled its audience share in the crucial female 25 to 44-year-old category over the past year.

TNS New Zealand's annual radio audience survey showed Johnston's show increasing from 8 per cent in the category in 2014 to 18.9 per cent this year.

This made Johnston's show number one in Tauranga in the category.

The survey, which ran from August 8 to September 19, looks at the number of listeners for each radio station broadcast in Tauranga and surrounding areas.


"We're pretty happy with the results," Johnston said.

"It went well last year and got even better this year.

"It shows we're playing the right music."

Johnston said his show was "very music based".

"I'm playing a lot of music every hour. It's about having the right music but also having the right balance of some really cool local stuff that's interesting, fun and a bit gossipy."

Music was "obviously important" in attracting listeners to the show, but Johnston said the popularity of morning show hosts Polly and Grant also contributed to listeners throughout the day.

Another factor was community presence.

Johnston said his job was 50 per cent doing a radio show and 50 per cent doing "fun stuff" in the community.


Brian Kelly on Coast was awarded the number one breakfast show in Tauranga, a title he has held for over 30 years.

The Hits was rated number one in audience numbers for main grocery shoppers with kids, following a 30 per cent growth in the market.

ZM content made it the number one station for 18-34 year olds in Tauranga.