Hearing young children pronounce cystic fibrosis as "65 Roses", inspired two Tauranga sisters with the condition to complete 65 random acts of kindness to raise awareness in the community.

Deeds the two women completed included leaving Lotto tickets in library books, paying for people's parking, baking for local charities, putting scratchies and food vouchers on windscreens of cars.

Kristie Purton, 31, and Nikki Reynolds-Wilson, 24, were born with cystic fibrosis and doctors had told their parents they would not live past 18. Cystic fibrosis shortens a person's life expectancy and mainly affects the digestive system as mucus blocks the pancreas, stopping the digestive enzymes produced from making their way to the gut to digest food.

Mrs Purton said doing the good deeds had been lots of fun and was a rewarding experience.


"It's definitely been challenging at times, we've both had a bit up and down and been in hospital, so some days are a bit hard to go out and do a deed. But when we do it and get people's response - it is worth it.

"The awareness we have had from it from random people coming up to us in the street and knowing what it is and all about, is pretty cool," she said.

Mrs Purton said through their campaign many other families whose children suffered from the condition had contacted the sisters to say their own story had helped them to know their children can lead normal lives too.

Mrs Purton said she would like to thank all those in the community who helped them complete their good deeds when their condition made them too sick too and the others who did random acts for the sisters themselves.

Today the women would head to the local SPCA to help out for about half a day before carrying out their final act in Masonic Park tomorrow. Although that would officially end the 65 days, the two sisters would continue to do random acts of kindness for others in the community, she said.

The campaign

* Cystic Fibrosis Tauranga will be hosting a Bubbles Party at Masonic Park, The Strand, tomorrow from 10am to 2pm to celebrate Kristie Purton and Nikki Reynolds-Wilson's admirable fundraising initiative which saw them undertake a good deed every day for 65 days to raise money for the CF community despite trying to manage their own health
condition - they both have lungs working at just 30 per cent of what they should.

* To follow Kristie and Nikki's 65 days of good deeds, head to their Facebook page.


* Donate to their Givealittlepage here.