A petition opposing the potential sale of land bordering Takitimu Drive between Fourth Avenue and Eighth Avenue has been presented to the Tauranga City Council today.

The petition was presented to the Strategy and Policy Committee during their 1pm meeting.

The Council said it had not made a final decision about the disposal of the land.

"That decision will be made once further consultation is undertaken and submissions are considered," the council announcement said.


The land in question includes seven properties that were bought to enable the construction of Takitimu Drive. The properties are adjacent to the walkway running along Takitimu Drive and are located at:
- 120 Fourth Ave
- 121 and 127 Fourth Avenue
- 98 Fifth Avenue
- 97 Sixth Avenue
- 99 Sixth Avenue
- 105 Eighth Avenue

In the 1990s, following construction of the motorway, the council resolved to retain this land as providing mitigation for the noise effects from the new motorway. The land was subsequently zoned as park, or residential.

A new resolution was passed in 2012 following an assessment of parkland requirements. The council considered that these parcels of land were surplus to requirement and officers were asked to investigate their disposal. These potential disposals are part of the larger property land sales plan which is budgeted to bring revenue of $27.7 million over the next 10 years.

The council would now be undertaking a land sale programme review in the next quarter. The aim of the review was to gather detailed information on all the properties included in the property land sales plan (including those bordering Takitimu Drive).

It would include updating value assessments, evaluation of the revenue each parcel currently generates and how much it cost ratepayers at this stage to own and maintain them.

The review would also look at the amenity value and community benefits generated. The review report on the properties is expected in September, and will inform further decision-making around the sale of the Council-owned properties.