Three women will appear in Tauranga District Court tomorrow after the discovery of 11 kilos of suspected psychoactive substances.

As a result of anonymous information, police went to a Tauranga motel unit on Saturday night. Located in the room was 11 kilos of substances being divided up into 2 gram bags for onward sale.

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It is clear from enquiries that prior to the arrival of police staff, the motel staff and owners had no knowledge of what was occurring in one of their rooms and police will not be disclosing the identity of the motel.

Three local women, aged 51, 39 and 20 have been charged with possession to supply psychoactive substances and will appear in court tomorrow. Police are continuing to investigate what appears to be an organised criminal operation.

As the case is before the court no further information can be disclosed at this time.

These arrests highlight the significant value of community information, even if provided anonymously. Police encourage anyone with information about drugs or other criminal offending to do the right thing and make a call.

All information provided will be treated in confidence and if, for any reason, someone feels they cannot speak to Police directly, even anonymously, the organisation Crimestoppers provides another independent means of passing on anonymous information. Crimestoppers can be contacted on 0800 555111.

Police will not be facilitating media interviews on this matter.