A telephone survey of 400 people in April this year showed an 8 per cent and 7 per cent increase in Tauranga locals who are happier with the variety and number of events in Tauranga, respectively.

The annual Community Perceptions Study, which assesses how well people perceive Council's performance, also showed a 9 per cent decrease in residents' satisfaction with cycling safety levels on roads or cycleways from last year's results.

Community Development Committee Chair Councillor Steve Morris said the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan, which Council will adopt on 29 June, included decisions around some of the key focus areas identified in the survey.

"The survey provides a high-level view of how people feel about some key issues that Council is focussing on. This in turn helps us to see how well our efforts are carrying through to our residents, where we could improve, and what we should be looking to include in our Annual Plan and Long Term Plan processes," Mr Morris said.


"For instance, Council has decided to spend an additional $400,000 as part of the Long Term Plan to deliver the Omokoroa to Tauranga Cycle Trail. This decision was based on widespread community support, and we hope it will help improve perceptions regarding cycleway safety in some areas of the city.

"Likewise, we agreed to a total investment of $7.725m over 10 years in the Major Events Fund, which will support current events and help create new local events."

Results showed the level of satisfaction with Council in general was slightly higher than last year, as was the number of people who felt they have at least some influence on Council decisions.

Survey results also showed a slight decrease in the number of people who felt they were able to contact Council when and how they wanted to.

Council undertakes the Community Perceptions Study every year. Independent market research company Key Research was commissioned to undertake the survey and report results to Council.

People were contacted by telephone, using a randomised selection method, and asked their opinions on a wide-ranging list of Council-related services and issues, and the services it delivers to residents.