Thousands of people poured through the doors at Bethlehem Baptist Church over the long weekend to experience a unique depiction of the tale behind Easter.

The Easter Journey, a multi-sensory walk, showcased some of the Bible's greatest tales, including the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Senior Pastor Craig Vernall said about 350 volunteers had contributed to the Easter Journey over the past nine months. The volunteers included a group of builders who helped construct a large wooden ark to help depict the story of Noah.

"Some people took a week off work to make it happen," he said.


Rev Vernall said Easter was incredibly important to the church community.

"This is the Easter story. We didn't get [two] days' annual leave because of the Easter Bunny. This is the reason for the season. Easter is the central heart of the Christian faith," he said.

"While Christmas might be more popular as a Christian story, it's only part of the story. Our faith is centered around this.

"Everything about the Christian life flows out from that belief. That's why it's so important for us."

The team used different forms of media to help portray the story in an interactive and contemporary way - from television to art to live displays and creative set design.

The Easter Journey began in 2000 but in 2013 the church decided to make the exhibition a bi ennial event.

Rev Vernall's wife and fellow Reverend Michaela Vernall said this year's Easter Journey was "so much bigger" than previous exhibitions and included a team of 16 set directors all working under the same brief.

"It's really exciting because what happens with that is communities get created out of communities," she said.


The next Easter Journey is planned for 2017.