Tauranga's Jazz Festival kicked off at the Downtown Carnival along The Strand today.

The weather played a big role bringing the carnival to life with packed out crowds enjoying live music and entertainment.

Bars and restaurants were full with people enjoying the waterfront views with jazz, funk, swing and blues bands performing on a number of stages.

Along with band performers, local busker Reuben Simpson took the opportunity to also perform, singing jazz and blues from his own mic and speakers.


This year was his third year performing first-hand to a flood of passersby.

He said the best part about performing at the Jazz Festival Downtown Carnival was being around others who also enjoyed jazz.

"The best part is having a whole bunch of people who are like-minded and like jazz music," he said.

"It's good having an audience who like what you're doing."

Tauranga Jazz Society president Darryl Haigh said the weather was a key factor for today's event.

"We rely on the weather a lot, especially being that time of year when the school holidays are on and people are on [a] long weekend."

Mr Haigh said the turn-out was great and the number of people was something they never anticipated.

"This event is for families of all ages, it doesn't matter what age you are," he said.


"We see adults and even the little ones dancing and singing and really enjoying it, and that's the best part."