More Toxic black mould has been found in the Tauranga City Council building meaning another 170 will not be able to return to their desks as the whole first floor has been sealed off.

Communications advisor Marcel Currin said about 170 staff would not be able to return to their desks on the first floor or part of the ground floor tomorrow.

The decision was made late Friday afternoon after the council received initial test results confirming black mould in some further parts of the building.

Arrangements were being made to relocate as many staff work stations as possible. Some staff may be asked to return home for the rest of the day on Monday and await further instructions, Mr Currin said.


Staff and contractors have been instructed not to enter the sealed off areas of the council building. All other areas of the building remain operational.

A total of 205 staff have now been evacuated from closed areas of the Willow Street building.