Bay of Plenty voters have taken to the polls and voted Mallowpuffs Original their favourite biscuit in an annual nationwide biscuit election.

Sweet-toothed local residents turned out in force to exercise their democratic right to vote for their favourite Griffin's bikkie in New Zealand's 2014 'Bikkielections'.

This is the first time in the poll's four-year history that Mallowpuffs Original featured in the top three biscuits in the Bay of Plenty, overtaking last year's winner ToffeePops Original in a landslide victory.

Hokey Pokey Squiggles narrowly beat Macaroon in a hard-fought race for second and third.


Around the country, close to 5,000 votes were cast by biscuit-lovers who also voted Mallowpuffs Original as the national favourite, ahead of 57 other contenders.

For the first time ever, New Zealanders were united in their bikkie preferences, with family favourite Mallowpuffs Original topping the popularity contest in every region across the country with the exception of Tasman where Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands came out on top.

Kiwi women were once again more passionate about pledging their support, contributing 94 percent of the votes nationwide.

"Our biscuits have been campaigning hard to win votes and we are sure that Mallowpuffs' promise to go soft on families is what got them over the line in the end," Griffin's spokesperson James Clark said.

"This year's poll marks the fourth consecutive year that Griffin's has asked Kiwis to vote for their favourite biscuit. And with people casting votes in their thousands we believe Kiwis are as passionate about their Griffin's biscuits as they are about politics!"

The 2014 Bikkielections poll was conducted via an application on Griffin's Facebook page from September 9 to 21 following weeks of campaigning via billboards, radio promotions, polling booths and street sampling. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus zero percent.