Amanda Lowry (pictured) has nothing but praise for the help she's received from ACC.

In March last year, Miss Lowry dived off a surfboard into the water and broke her neck hitting a sandbar.

Since then, ACC has focused on supporting Miss Lowry so she can engage with her community and be as productive as possible.

"They're amazing, I couldn't fault them. We're so lucky here in New Zealand. No other country in the world does what ACC does."


Miss Lowry was a tutor with the University of Waikato before the accident and has resumed that role.

"I wanted to find a way that I could contribute and give back. I don't want to take advantage of the system by using equipment or anything I don't need.

"I think ACC can be generous and there may be people who have unused equipment lying around.

"I want to be really careful that what I get, I use."

Every aspect of her assistance was supported by ACC, Miss Lowry said.

"I've got two little girls and I'm a tetraplegic so ACC does everything it can to support my role as a mother. They are phenomenal."

As well as the obvious needs such as a wheelchair, Miss Lowry also gets support for things such as physiotherapy, a psychologist and occupational therapy.