Tauranga MP Simon Bridges is not fazed by a satirical video being shared online, mocking Prime Minister John Key and other members of the Government.

The song Planet Key by soul and blues star Darren Watson appeared to have been banned from being broadcast. Guitarist singer and songwriter Mr Watson's song and its animated video by Jeremy Jones was released last week.

It featured Mr Key playing a stinging blues guitar solo on an endangered Maui's dolphin while an oil rig exploded in the background, with Mr Bridges standing nearby.

Mr Bridges last night said he had seen the video when it first came out and it was not a big concern. "I don't take too much notice of these things. It's obviously a jokey, parody piece ... "


The video also depicted Finance Minister Bill English carrying Mr Key's golf clubs and the Prime Minister playing golf with US president Barack Obama.

Songwriter Mr Watson posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon that he had just had a "super interesting chat with The Electoral Commission just now".

"It appears we may be gagged." He later posted that "the story is the Electoral Commission have advised an Access Radio station not to play Planet Key as it may be a contravention of the act."

The commission yesterday confirmed it had banned TV and radio broadcasts of the song and said it was also considering whether it was an election advertisement which would require a promoter statement to be carried in online video versions.

Mr Bridges said the Electoral Commission was independent from Government and he was not too concerned. "It's no skin off my nose ... It's actually quite well made."

Hamilton's Free FM station manager Phil Grey said the station had played Mr Watson's music before but when it recently received a copy of the song, because of its content, the station's programme director asked for the Electoral Commission's opinion on whether it breached electoral rules.

"She got a communication back saying that outside of a topical news item about the song, airplay of that song would be considered to cross the threshold to be considered an electoral programme."

Mr Watson said the Electoral Commission had indicated it believed the song crossed the line into being a political advertisement.


Mr Key said he had seen the video. "It was quite professionally done. It was anti-us but as a parody it was okay."

Watch the video for Planet Key below:

Planet Key from Propeller Motion on Vimeo.

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